Kartina to Courtney Love to Sweet Potato to Ram Dass to Honey Boo Boo to Audrey Lorde to Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Endria to Benadryl to Dr. Dre to Iman to Brad Pitt to Adeye & Annie to Neil DeG.T. to Ade & Khary to Jimmy to Katie to Dick Blaster to Miyao Bros to Booters to T to George to Apollo to Klaus to Ralph to Roger to Rick to Richard to Foam Roller to Je Ne Sais Quoi to Open House to Lilah to Jossers to Kels to ADonns to Lucy

Patrick Powell &
to Orris
& Eliza Johnson to Sussana Johnson Orris Powell & Sussana Johnson to James Orris Powell Mariah Parham & __ to Adele Parham. New York James Orris Powell & Adele Parham to Ethel Touissant Powell.


St, Kitts
Ishmael Richardson & Marie Patton
to Ernest Wentworth Richardson Ernest W. Richardson & Ethel Touissant Powell to Ronald Kent Richardson Malaysia Hitam Ali & ___ to Isa Hitam Isa Hitam & Ramlah Abdullah to Aloyah Isa Rhode Island Aloyah Isa & Ronald Richardson to Kartina Richardson.
to John Boehner to Miss Bliss to Nicky to Naomi to Kathy to Drew to Mir to Addy to Niko to Stephen to Julie to Tim Duncan to Eva D’Andrea to Fiona Apple to Oliver to Martin Lawrence to Kristy Yamaguchi to Chunky peanut butter to Jeep Cherokee to Pope Francis to Anandamayi Ma to Vincente Minnelli to Jean Marais to Mr. Bombard to Tatnuck Square to Mary Beth to squirt guns to savers to Fushida to beautiful babbling brook